Heathlands Preschool & Out of School Club

Play Principles


Our provision is based upon a Statutory government framework to ensure we
adhere to legal requirements concerning the safeguarding & welfare of all in our community &
the development of each child. Reception age children who attend either breakfast club or after school club are allocated a key person to ensure they make a secure attachment with a playworker from which to explore & feel safe. Your child’s key person will send weekly observations home using Tapestry, our online learning journal, which capture their learning, development & interests.

We offer all children the chance to develop their abilities, explore their creativity &
learn more about themselves, others and the world around them through freely chosen educational play.

We embrace and value the essence of child led play ensuring that children are involved
in planning, risk assessing & making decisions that impact upon the day to day running of the provision.

Our inclusive inside & outside environment are thoughtfully designed to allow areas of open
space & cosy corners with resources that are varied and promote social, physical, creative, emotional & intellectual play. Playworkers are available to support children with home learning tasks if they choose to engage with this whilst with us.

Children are regarded as active agents in their individual learning and play opportunities,
creating their own culture. Playworkers interact sensitively & playfully to support wellbeing, healthy
growth & development, understanding & creativity. Our playworker’s are responsive to the individual needs
of each child & situation and acknowledge their importance as influential role models for each child. Our ethos is based upon interactions which are polite, kind and respectful. We value this with high regard at Heathlands in promoting the wellbeing of all children & practitioners and to ensure our community allows us all to flourish.