Heathlands Preschool & Out of School Club

Pricing & Sessions

We welcome all school aged children who attend Broke Hall Primary School to our Breakfast & After school Club.

Breakfast Club Sessions

Our Breakfast club opens at 7.30 am each morning, although drop off can be up until 8.15 am. Children are offered breakfast from our healthy menu and can engage in freely chosen activities such as crafts, role play, board/card games, sensory play or reading in our cosy corner. Children can enjoy a set amount of time playing on the Wii or use our tablets or iMac to play games on or for educational purposes.  We have a pool/air hockey table and games that encourage physical play such as Twister, giant Jenga bricks and cheerleading pompoms.

The atmosphere is relaxed with music of the children’s choice playing in the
background. This often encourages dance routines and small performances for peers and staff to enjoy.

Our qualified staff escort all children across to the school in a safe and organised manner to the drama room. From here, Reception, Year 1,2 & 3 are taken to their classrooms and year 4 students make their own way to their classroom. Year 5 & 6 pupils are escorted to the playground where, with parental consent, they meet their friends and make their own way into the school. We can, of course, escort Year 5 or 6 pupils into the school also, depending on parental preference. This ensures all children feel ready for their school day ahead.

After School Club Sessions

All children attending our After school provision are met in the library at Broke Hall School
by our qualified playworkers, registered and then escorted to Heathlands ensuring safety as a priority.

We offer both a 5pm & 6pm parent pick-up time. A varied snack is provided for
all children at 4pm followed by a healthy dinner at 5 pm for those children staying until 6 pm.

Please see our play principles page for more details about the opportunities your child can enjoy with us.

Breakfast Club

£ 6
  • OPENS AT 7.30AM

After School Club

£ 9

After School Club

£ 12